Serrada ESKRIDO Academy

logo Mabuhay and welcome to the Serrada Eskrido Academy. The Academy was founded in 1981. The teachings then and today are of practical applications in all environments. It is open to students who are willing to give 120%.

The Academy follows many traditional practices and then transcends into practical effective techniques that allow the practitioner to excel in unarmed combat, also against armed attackers and multiple attackers. The main goal of Serrada Eskrido is to "Preserve Life!".
The technical goal for each student is to study the teachings and adapt them to their own abilities. In furthering our technical abilities, techniques must Flow in and out without conscious thought.

 The Serrada Eskrido Academy produces competent Martial Artists that excel in any situation. Individuals are confident and street smart. Emphasis on the history of the Arts we are learning allows us to recognize the basis of techniques and movements. Looking inward we educate ourselves in the inter-workings of the body, its limitations and physical structure such as muscle, nerves, bone structure, and blood flow. Not only is it important for a martial artist to defend or offend, it is equally important that he or she can heal injuries, and know the physical demands one is putting on themselves and their opponents.
I hope this website is informative, educational and fun for you. Should you want to learn more about our school, please do not hesitate to contact us. Salamat Po to all our students and friends who have made this physically challenging, mentally stimulating and spiritually enlightening.

This is only the beginning!

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